United American Metals was founded in 1889 by the Muscat Family in Brooklyn, N.Y.

During the 1890's, UAM patented the first double eared Linotype Margash Ingot with Auto Feeder. This was a very innovative aid in developing faster production which was needed by rapidly expanding newspaper

During the 1920’s, under the direction of Lazarus Muscat and Abe Levy, UAM opened another plant in Chicago (Lou Goldberg) , San Francisco in the early 1930’s (Abe Rubin) , and Los Angeles in 1939 (Fred Manoil, son-in-law of Lazarus Muscast).

During the Second World War, the concentration was on Bobbitt’s for the Marine industry and the general trade. The Tyler, Texas plant was opened to produce Brass Bushings for the war effort. Highest priority for use of scarce materials such as Tin and Antimony was given UAM by the War Production Board.

In 1944, Lazarus Muscat died suddenly of a heart attack at age 54. His son Victor Muscat, branched off into Victor Industries and became the largest produce of collapsible tubes in the country; producing Tin-base, Lead base and Aluminum tubes for the pharmaceutical, dental and general trades.

In 1962, the Los Angeles branch of UAM was sold to Bruce Chalett and Norman Shanks.

In 1964, the Chicago branch was of UAM was sold to Weldon Feldman after the death of Lou Goldberg.

Also in 1964, the Victor Industries received the prime contract from Colgate for the production of wax lined Lead collapsible tubes is used in their new line of Florida Tooth Paste. For the West Coast, UAM, Los Angeles, produced for Victor Industries in excess of 3 million pounds of Lead alloys slugs to be extruded into Colgate collapsible tubes over five year period.

In 1969, UAM Los Angeles became distributor for Dow Photo-engraving Magnesium plates and chemistry; one of seven such distributors on the West Coast. Within a year, UAM became the largest of the distributors.

In 1974, UAM Los Angeles expanded into new office and warehouse at 2420 South Santa Fe and began slowly to expand into Litho supply field.

In June, 1981, Mr. Arnold W. Johnson, formerly executive Vice President of one of Chicago’s major banks, purchased UAM from Weldon Feldman. Mr. Johnson remained as owner for over thirteen years.

In September, 1994, Mr. Johnson sold UAM to Bill Renotti and his son, Alan. Bill has been with UAM since May, 1964 and Alan joined the company in May 1983.