Babbitting Advice

Heed These Directions
  1. Smoke the mandrel with an acetylene torch or coat it with lamp-back.

  2. Burn all oil from the shell.

  3. Clean the surface to be tinned, by scratch brush grinding

  4. Spread Tintype evenly over the cleaned surface.

  5. Heat the shell to approximately 650 F.

  6. With a clean rag, wipe the tinned surface to a bright finish.

  7. Set up the shell and do not let the heat drop below 450 F.

  8. Heat the mandrel to the pouring temperature of the Babbitt.

  9. Seal all seams with United American Babbittrite.

  10. By this time the Babbitt in the pot should have reached pouring temperature as indicated on this chart. (If the pouring of the bearing is not close to the pot, increase the heat of the Babbitt by 50 F. to compensate for the drop in temperature between melting-pot and bearing).

  11. Stir the metal with a skimmer employing a horizontal figure 8 movement.

  12. Reduce the dross with Stooge Dross Reducer and skim the dross from the surface of the metal.

  13. With a heated ladle or dipper, preferably of a capacity to make the complete cast in one pour, pour the molten Babbitt in a steady stream against the mandrel so as not to spatter. As the metal approaches the riser, slow down the flow but keep pouring until metal overflows.
  14. immediately after pouring cool the bearing by a fine spray of water, starting at the bottom and moving upwards. As a precautionary measure, have on hand wet rags to slap against leaks from unforeseen open seams or where the Damite had not been firmly packed.