There is much confusion among customers about Babbitt Metals. We know, because of the numerous phone inquiries we receive from people like your self, who are trying to help the customer get the right material for the job. Please don't misunderstand us, we are ready, willing and able to answer your questions cheerfully, but we thought it might be even more helpful if we wrote out some of the basic information in a format that could be reached at your fingertips.

The A.B.C.'s of Babbit Metals are as follows :

Syracuse Government Genuine Babbitt
89% Tin Equivalent to :
7 1/2% Antimony ASTM B23 Grade 2
3 1/2% Copper SAE 12
  Federal Spec. QQT390 Grade 9

Specification Babbitt:
89% Tin Equivalent to :
8% Antimony ASTM B23 Grade 3
8% Copper No SAE equivalent
Federal Spec. QQT390 Grade 3

Syracuse Stonewall Babbitt
10% Tin Equivalent to:
14 3/4% Antimony ASTM B23 Grade 7
1/4% Copper SAE 14
1/2% Arsenic Federal Spec. QQT390 Grade 7
Balance Lead

Syracuse Manganese Anti-friction Babbitt;
5% Tin Equivalent to :
14 3/4% Antimony ASTM B23 Grade 8
Balance Lead Federal Spec. QQT390 Grade 6